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Gary R. Hetesi, QBE, GG

Blue Northern Lighting is a unique small business, owned and operated by Gary R. Hetesi.


Gary has been in the commercial lighting business since 1982. He has attended many educational lighting seminars and courses and is highly qualified by his experience. He is qualified to design custom lighting designs for retail and commercial properties.


BNL can supply your everyday lighting requirements (contact for prices), or specify and manage larger energy saving retrofit projects.


Gary is a registered applicant representative with the Ontario Power Authority as part of its CFF retrofit rebate program.


Ask about Gary's Guarantee!


Tip of the Day


You have to have a lot of money to buy cheap LED light bulbs."Off shore", here today gone tomorrow manufacturers, buy the cheapest LED chips and transformers they can get their hands on. The components do not communicate properly with each other resulting in colour shifts, dramatically quick light output loss and premature burn outs.


Commercial quality bulbs and fixtures use superior, compatible components that perform according to claimed specifications. They are purchased one time only for many years of trouble free, dependable operation.

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