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Aladdin Light Lift has been manufacturing motorized light lift systems since 1991. Light lifts simplify the lives of people needing to clean and change hard to reach light fixtures


Heavy duty 200 lb., 300 lb., 700 lb. and 1000 lb. fixture weight light lift can be mounted directly above or remotely from fixture.


Operate multiple light lifts from one central wall mounted source. The LED touch panel can control up to 25 light lifts. Controller must be specified at time of order.

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A uniquely innovative product that can be used with a ballast or connected directly to line voltage!

Quantifiable Savings

Hydro - Compared to 32 watt T8 fluorescent over the 50,000 L70 life of the tube, produces $85.00 in hydro savings at today's electricity rates. At 12 hours per day, the life of this product is about 12 years. If it doesn't last past the 5 year warranty period, it will be replaced at no charge...including shipping

Unquantifiable Savings


Ballast - By using this product you will never have to buy another ballast again! And, because of lower wattage demand, the existing ballast will perform much longer. When the existing ballast fails, it is bypassed and the line voltage simply connects directly to the sockets.

- The LED tube sensors automatically recognize the change and adjust accordingly.

- Except for the eventual rewire, you will never have to pay an electrical contractor's bill for lighting again!


Lens Covers - Ultraviolet light from fluorescent tubes causes lens covers to turn yellow and become very brittle. Occupied spaces look dingy and lens covers break easily.

- These LED tubes produce no ultraviolet light. None.

- Unless somebody gets careless, you will never have to buy another lens cover again!

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