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MCC 169 - Parkside Gardens - London, Ontario

Scope: Parking Garage Retrofit


  • Replaced 100 watt High Pressure Sodium canopy lights with 40 watt 4000K LED fixtures

  • The garage felt dark and gloomy with the HPS fixtures. The 4100K light makes everything brighter and safer

  • The rebate was $88.00 per fixture. The simple payback was 2.5 years. The fixtures will be completely maintenance free for about seven years!

ECC 35 - Victoria Park Place - Windsor, Ontario

Scope: Outdoor Wall Pack Retrofit


  • Replaced 22 outdoor wall packs of 175 watts Metal Halide with 60 watt 5000K LED wall packs

  • Maintained the integrity of the appearance of the building by using identical replacement fixtures

  • The 5000K light took a bit to get used to, but is becoming the generally accepted colour temperature for outdoor applications

  • The rebate was $88.00 per fixture. The simple payback was 3 years. The fixtures will be completely mainteance free for over a decade!

Marks Supply - London, Ontario

Scope: Warehouse High Bay Lighting Retrofit


  • Replaced 25 metal halide high bay fixtures with 25 4-lamp T5 fluoecsent high bay

  • Warehouse went from dim to completely dark...due to the use of factory installed motion sensors on the T5 fixtures. Warehouse remains completely dark until motion is sensed

  • Light levels when in use more than doubled. Plus T5 lamps lose less than 10% of original light at the end of life

  • The rebate was 50% of the cost of the fixtures. Payback to be determined, but, WOW!

Coulter's Furniture - Windsor, Ontario

Scope: Track Lighting Retrofit


  • Replaced 1500 of 50 watt 12 volt halogen lamps with 7.5 watt 3000K LED bulbs

  • Light levels stayed the same. Furniture displays actually appeared brighter because the LED bulbs specified are just a shade whiter than halogen

  • The rebate was 50% of the cost of the retrofit. The simple payback was 2 years. The bulbs will be maintenance free for about 12 years!

  • In 1992, this store was using 1500 of 150 watt incandescent floods. In 1996, 1500 of 90 watt halogen. In 2003, 1500 of 50 watt halogen. In 2014, 1500 of 7.5 watt LED. WOW!

  • See the "Your Future" tab for what is next!

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